The Time for Peace is Now

We are now immersed in a world of fear. Whether it is the world inside of you or surrounding you, fear is prevalent.

Doubt of taking the vaccine or not. Need peace.

Worried about getting Covid or spreading it. Need peace.

Anxious about your loved ones getting sick, dying. Need peace.

Hesitant to see others or give them a hug. Need peace.

Unable to move, grow, evolve. Paralyzed with fear. Need peace.

Isolated, Alone, separating yourself. Need peace.

Feeling alone, sad, depressed. Need peace.

Confused about what to believe. Need peace.

Angry at those speaking out or not speaking out. Need peace.

Feeling forced, not heard. Need peace.

Harming ourselves and others. Need peace.

This year on September 21, World Peace Day make a commitment to connect to your peace, your truth, your inner light. You owe it to yourself to carve out time to find your place of peace and share these vibrations with your friends, family and community. It is now more than ever the time for peace. Listen to your inner voice, the voice of reason, the voice of truth, you know what is right for you and your family. With self-respect and courage make decisions. Act with faith and love.

Peace can be found where there is truth.

Whether you take a few moments to stop and listen to your heart, meditate on the truth of who you are, spread rays of light to the world or sign up for a meditation course, the choice is yours.

Feel free to share how you were inspired to celebrate World Peace Day, this year. For me I will be sending out rays of light to all my brothers and sisters in this world family. Also I will be helping organize and attending a flag raising ceremony in downtown Brampton. With fellow students of the Brampton Meditation centre, the Mayor, and with the community we will raise a peace flag and meditate in front of City Hall.

Visit @bramptonmeditation

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