It is with great joy that I invite all souls to join me on a journey filled with inner reflection and outer expression. For me, I have been practicing silence, reflection and meditation for the last several years. As a result, I often experience feelings of unconditional love, deep peace, and true giving. To express myself, I engage in writing, cooking, and dancing.

I was taught dance, both formally and informally, and performed a great deal growing up. I began teaching dance as a teenager and also continued teaching dance in schools, as an elementary school teacher.

These days, I have the opportunity to interact with many teachers, teacher assistants, office staff, and administrators. Even though they are all adults, I see the child in all of them. I see the child who has forgotten how to laugh, be light, play and dance.

I, too, forgot how to be a child while raising my own children and running a home and business. While balancing the many roles we play, I have realized the importance of connecting to my inner child, the innocence, to just “be”.

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