Resources to start or sustain your journey

My foundation of learning and my source of inspiration have both come from the knowledge and dedication of the Brampton Meditation Centre. It is a place where every corner of the Centre vibrates peace. Every soul that comes through the doors is looking to find themselves by looking inside for their strength and power. It is here that I was able to heal my postpartum depression, heal my family and heal this body. It is with the power of the truth of who I am that I was able to change my attitude, thoughts and feelings. It is through the knowledge that is taught there that I have been able to raise my two boys with virtues. I have found my self-respect, freedom and what it truly means to love myself and others.

I encourage all of you to visit and review the course description and definitely read the testimonials from other students. You will be inspired! They have been serving the community for over 20 years with an open heart ready to teach, guide and inspire. If you are looking to transform into a being of peace, love and power, then this is the place for you.

Living Values Educational Program is a fantastic program for educators and parents. I have used it with my own children and in the classroom. It is well outlined with each chapter exploring a value through activity, discussion, poetry, song, and guided meditation. The resources can be found at the Brampton Meditation Centre. Also, the Living Values Training is very well done and situated at beautiful retreat centres. Please visit for more information.

The University of Toronto has an Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program. You can look at the course description online. I have recently completed this program and I felt it gave me an overview of the history and philosophy of mindfulness and how it is making its way into schools, health care and workplaces.


Find guided meditations and a free online course at Or

To stay light there are two adorable free apps called Bee Zone and Happidote that offers guided meditations and a wheel that you can spin to focus on a virtue for the day.

For amazing guided meditation CDs and books for children, visit or visit the Brampton Meditation Centre who carries many of the Relax Kids resources as well.