How Far Does Your Love Go?

I was hurt, wounded,

I need to attack!

Take control.

My love is held back.

You will not hurt me.

What does this do to others?

Push others away.

Pushes them into a corner.

Forces others.

Out of fear they react.

Now a clash of egos.

No winning.

No love.

Only pain.

Can I feel such love for the self that I can be stable under any circumstance?

Can my love be deep, be strong that it allows me to forgive, to have mercy?

Can my love be so great that even if you scream at me, insult me, call me names, I can still love you?

Can my love be so abundant that even if you lie to me, I can still love you?

Does true love have a limit? Conditions?

How far does your love go?

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