I had such an amazing and peaceful experience attending the mindfulness sessions with Renu. She provides such a relaxing environment to practice some guided meditation and helps guide us on how to begin our journey with great practices we can use every day. I made an instant connection with her and the members in class; I appreciated the small class size in order to make that connection. I learned to be kind to myself and to focus on the things that bring joy to my life (and practice them every day). Her sessions began my journey of self healing, the one I have been long awaiting 🙂


The mindfulness series is a great introduction to life with meditation. Helps you understand what it is, how can it improve your life and outlines all of the benefits of meditation. You will also get great tips on how to immediately start including mindfulness into your daily life.
Renu instantly became a great friend and everyone in the group shared their deeper thoughts and life experiences with ease. Great way to invest in self-improvement and empowerment!

Aleksandra Marz

This is a great course that helped me with meditating and to approach it with a slow approach. you don’t have to meditate for hours a day, only 5 or 10 minutes will work and it’ll allow you to grow your practice from there.


The 2 sessions I attended tweaked my interest and encouraged me to seek out opportunities for learning the fundamentals of meditation. The mindfulness sessions demonstrated to me the importance and benefits of being ‘present’ in conversations, interactions with loved ones and others.

Karen McCallion

I recommend Renu to anyone who is looking to find themselves. Renu has the unique ability to offer a stable platform from which you can safely explore your spirituality. Renu offers practical applications of her lessons which offer the seeker an opportunity to bear witness to some of their subconcious behaviours and beliefs. Renu doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Her dedication and diligence in her own practice is inspiring. Her integrity gives you the confidence to relax into the experience. I feel like anyone with a strong desire to connect to themselves can appreciate the guidance of this soulful teacher.

Karoline Kaminski, Manual Osteopath

Your mindfulness classes were very insightful and taught me how to begin my meditation journey. I enjoyed all the sharing among the group 🙂 very inspiring! Thank you.


Renu’s sessions were a truly peaceful reintroductory to mindfulness and self realization for me. It has renewed my awareness to the importance of thoughts and how they affect my energy and the people around myself. Through mindfulness, I am able to realize and react in a more meaningfull and truer nature. Thank you Renu for providing such a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as offering love and guidance. I am so grateful for the experience.  Om shanti


I want you to know that I truly felt welcome, open and not judged in our beginner mindfulness session.   You guided & eased us into thoughts and discussions to help us realize that we have the ability to connect to our true virtues without attachment or expectation.   It was very liberating.   The tools & steps you introduced require practice – create, sustain and let go.   I’m so happy to have let go of Instagram!  But more so, to have let go of my need of control of my child.  You explaining “it is her journey” is very liberating.    I feel that we just scratched the surface in 4 sessions.  I look forward to going deeper into my mindfulness practice. Hopefully we can introduce it to our staff later this year. It is a tool that we can all benefit from.