Tap Into Freedom

I’m reintroducing myself to freedom with a technique I learned to help my son.

I’m opening myself up after many years to find some release with tapping. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Look it up. It is a mindful method that can be done easily.

I start off with allowing myself to be honest about how I am feeling about me, my situation, what the body is feeling, what my heart is saying, my thought pattern. It is a time to check and express. An opportunity to bring what is at the surface and what may be underlying.

I remind myself of powerful truths, knowledge and wisdom. I empower myself. I have incorporated EFT into my evening meditation.

Sometimes I am pulled to do it at the beginning to help unravel and sometimes at the end to see if there is still any residual release required. It takes some patience and dedication.

Still the body and the mind, and listen.

Transform yourself one tap at a time.

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