Mindful Homes

Be Inspired, Live and Laugh

Enjoy spending time with your child and diving into the ocean of courage.  Click on the picture below to view an engaging video on courage.

The fondest memories I have of the boys have been of them playing and reading. Instead of watching TV and using devices, I encouraged them to engage in books. They have always been active with playing at the park, playing with sticks or going for a bike ride. At home,we foster a life of creativity, quiet time for yourself and interactive games. These games are simple like board games and cards that promote face-to-face interaction and encourage a lot of laughter!

foster a life of creativity, quiet time for yourself

…and encourage a lot of laughter!

As they are growing so quickly, they still engage in mindful activities that support a healthy mind and body. Children are watching us and looking to be inspired by the adults in their lives, so put down the remotes, iPhone, laptops and read to them, talk to them and play with them. Not only will you be cultivating deeper and meaningful connections with your kids, but you will also appreciate taking time to live and laugh.

Moving In

A creative way to engage them while we were wrapping up details and to support their feelings in the move.

When we were moving from our old house to our new home, we were very busy organizing and packing. The boys were young and needed to be occupied. They were also feeling a little anxious about moving into a new place…it had been a home filled with many memories for them.

A dear friend of ours and artist, Michelle Pfieffer, suggested a wonderful idea. She facilitated an art session where the boys created their own banners that they could hang as window coverings in their new bedrooms. It was a creative way to engage them while we were wrapping up details and to support their feelings in the move.

To this day we still have the banners up and brings joy to all that come into the space. You can visit Michelle’s website at artwithheart.net

Emotional Landscape

This is Mindful Artwork!

An Emotional Landscape is a beautiful way to display how you are feeling with the use of illustrations. It gives a voice to one’s feelings. It allows you to acknowledge how you are feeling and allows for movement.

You are invited to go from negative to positive feelings or remain in your positive feelings. Enjoy the ones we made as a family. This is mindful artwork!

Let me know if you would like to create one for your family or classroom.

Soul Food

I encourage you to find recipe books you like. I have been very happy with the “Oh She Glows” series of recipe books. When I go online, I find a few recipes of the same dish and then create my own version. After I offer this concoction to the family, I wait humbly for comments. Then, I construct my own recipe and save it in “notes” on my iPhone for quick reference for the future. This has become very handy.

The recipe that I’m sharing has been a hit for years in our house, our protein shake. It is good for breakfast, afterschool snack, or when we will be out for a few hours and need a healthy snack.

Berry Blast Protein Shake

½ cup of organic frozen berries

6 oz of organic almond milk

Fresh organic parsley leaves

A handful of organic kale

1 tbs flax oil

1 tsp ground almonds

1 oz of organic kefir

One scoop of protein powder

Banana-Fana Protein shake

1 organic fresh or frozen banana

6 oz of coconut water

A handful of organic kale

Fresh mint (from our garden)

1 tbs flax oil

1 tsp chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seed

2 tbs of organic vanilla yogourt

One scoop of protein powder

Chocolate Delight

1 cup peanut butter 

1/2 cup oats, quinoa flakes, shredded coconut, tahini

1/4 sugar free chocolate chips, seeds, hemp, pumpkin, and  sunflower seeds

2 tbs flax powder, dark cocoa powder 

5 tsp maple syrup