The Time for Peace is Now

We are now immersed in a world of fear. Whether it is the world inside of you or surrounding you, fear is prevalent.

Tap Into Freedom

I’m reintroducing myself to freedom with a technique I learned to help my son. I’m opening myself up after many years to find some release with tapping. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Look it up. It is a mindful method that can be done easily. I start off with allowing myself to…

Trust You Can Heal

Recently I have been hit with a major hormonal imbalance which has affected me in every way…my energy, responsibilities, desires, appetite, sleep, mood, and my meditation. I was so frustrated. Could not do what I wanted, what I thought I needed. Could not be counted on. Meetings cancelled. I needed a lot of patience to…

Freedom in My Hands

Lack of cooperation. Fighting. Arguing. I’m frustrated. Keep on losing my energy. This is not who I want to be. Everyone telling me what I’m not doing right. I justify. I explain. I’m tired. Finally, one day I listen. What if they are right? My way is not working. Can I let go? Feel the…

Grounded in Earth

Grounded in earth. Roots deeply embedded. Lifetimes of history, karma. Stable, strong , constant. Weathered, textured. Branches grow wildly outstretched to meet the Sun. Bearing leaves, flowers and fruit. In a storm they sway, merge, flexible, bend. Feeling the water, wind. Remain detached, supportive. Standing in truth, alone yet in harmony. Seed is pure. Seed…

Chocolate Delight

I have been seeing a herbalist and have been recommended to make some dietary changes. I have been practicing being gluten free and vegan and found success. However I was asked to reduce and actually remove sugar. At first I struggled for a few days. Then I decided to brainstorm and research what I could…

Melt into this Moment

Appreciate this puzzle piece. No resistance. It’s perfectly placed in your life, your drama. Surrender. Can I surrender to the perfection of this moment? With or without masks? If I can fly somewhere or not, not waiting for anyone, anything for someone to change or something to change. Accept this moment. Appreciate. See the beauty….

Letting Go

What I have been struggling with, reflecting, journaling, meditating on for last few weeks: How do you know when to let go? When to give space to another? What does it mean, look like to give space? How do I give space when I feel the other is not ready? …Or am I not ready?…


I see myself receiving unlimited wings unfolding majestic, royal, jewelled. An angel light and stable with loving eyes I remain with wings outreached, full. Flying above with full faith, trust I sparkle, radiate coloured lights. Uplifting others with pure wings giving a spiritual embrace.

Want to Play Outside

I want to play outside in the woods, on the beach, in the ocean in the water, under the trees, with the sand. Can’t stop imagining it. Want to camp outside, light a fire , morning meditations on the beach. Play in the waves, feel the sand between my toes, the heat from the sun….