Creating Space

Give energy to creating a physically serene place

Most of us think of creating a space as something physical. And we do need to give energy to creating a physically serene place in our home.

We have dedicated one room in our house for meditation, reflection, and elevated reading. I have listened to music there and have been transported to a different world, journaled my feelings and recorded many experiences of my higher self. It is filled with books and guided meditation CDs, all from the Brampton Meditation Centre. There are a few comfortable arm chairs covered with blankets and shawls for warmth and comfort. I also have focal point to assist in my “open eye” meditation practice.

Throughout the house I have carved out pockets of places that I can take a break for peace with a cup of tea, in my swing, or out on my deck overlooking my pear tree.

See where you can dedicate space in your home for meditation and a mindful practice. See if you can meditate for a few moments each day and carry this energy with you throughout your day.

The aim to create an atmosphere in the home that is inviting and where you can put down your bags, phones, and relax. As much as the physical plays a role in mindfulness, we need to put a greater importance on the inner space. We also need to create a space inside so wherever you are, you can connect to a place of peace, serenity, calmness and silence.