I am Unique

Wanted to share this mornings meditation experience with you…

I the soul am unique

I am celebrating my uniqueness

There is no one like me

I am intoxicated

My attitude of being extraordinary is my protection

My thoughts are elevated and positive

My feelings are full of benevolence

I allow divine energy to surround me

I am stable in my self respect

My vision towards others is elevated

I appreciate my specialities, virtues, and can appreciate others as well

My words sweet yet powerful

I speak the truth

I keep company of those who are also elevated

My actions extraordinary, ones that benefit the true self and give benefit to others

I am a soul that is generous and giving

The love I receive is unique

The love I am absorbed in is divine

The love that radiates from this soul is unconditional and abundant

Today will be an extraordinary day filled with uniqueness and perfection