Climbing Out

Many of us have felt lonely, hopeless, sad, disinterested, or lost. For some it can be for short intervals and they can pull themselves out of this state and for others they experience these feelings over a long period of time. This is what many know as depression. From my own experience it is a feeling of being disconnected, heart broken, wandering. It is draining and frustrating. Depression was a feeling of loss of my truth. It was a disconnect from my virtues, my true self.

Currently there are many souls that are experiencing this state of loss. The spirit is searching for its own inner light and looking for it in all the wrong places. The way to reconnect to one’s self is through reconnecting to one’s innate virtues.

I am a being of peace.

I am a being of love.

I am a being of truth.

When we activate these positive feelings, we open our hearts to goodness and positive energy. In time our attitude shifts. We become more emotionally stable. We can put these feelings into practical actions to energize our virtues, such as, peaceful walks, cooking lovingly, listening only to truths about who you are. This pulls you out of a negative cycle and you can become more stable. This strength can allow you to begin the process of healing: acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, and transforming.

For me, I faced my depression with the support of the Brampton Meditation Centre . I was able to climb out by reintroducing myself back to the true me, the one that is whole, pure and powerful. For this I will always be grateful and inspired to share this journey with others. Have faith in yourself.

You deserve it.

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