Melt into this Moment

Appreciate this puzzle piece. No resistance. It’s perfectly placed in your life, your drama. Surrender. Can I surrender to the perfection of this moment? With or without masks? If I can fly somewhere or not, not waiting for anyone, anything for someone to change or something to change. Accept this moment. Appreciate. See the beauty….

Letting Go

What I have been struggling with, reflecting, journaling, meditating on for last few weeks: How do you know when to let go? When to give space to another? What does it mean, look like to give space? How do I give space when I feel the other is not ready? …Or am I not ready?…

Introductory Meditation Course Begins August 16th

Course Experience Includes: SELF-TRANSFORMATION Developing &Applying Your Virtues SPIRITUAL HEALING Letting Go & Moving Forward POSITIVE THINKING Experience the Power of a Positive Mind CONSCIOUSNESS & KARMA How Consciousness, Attitude & Vision Manifests Your Life RELATIONSHIPS Creating & Sustaining Positive Relationships From the Students: I have been fortunate to have come across this course which…

Want to Play Outside

I want to play outside in the woods, on the beach, in the ocean in the water, under the trees, with the sand. Can’t stop imagining it. Want to camp outside, light a fire , morning meditations on the beach. Play in the waves, feel the sand between my toes, the heat from the sun….

Inner Light

I see myself as a living diya. Ignited by the Supreme Light. The oil of truth, love, mercy, peace and power come pouring in. My light becomes stable, strong. It radiates everywhere. Unconditional, without limits, without boundaries. I stay here. Hold this feeling. As I move, I remind myself, reflect back to this image. Remembering…