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Creating Mindful Homes

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Release Worry & Rekindle your Passion

Educator Community Circle Poster - August 2020

Active Listening for Meaningful Relationships and Connections


AuraFest 2020


Meditation Circles

The dance of life is performed when we connect with all of our virtues so that we can experience life with joy and lightness. 

Invoke your Inner Warrior, one that is courageoustruthful, and fearless, while balancing your ability to show up in every moment with acceptanceforgiveness and love.This is a weekly class that  includes a guided meditation followed by an opportunity to listen and share insights in order to inspire and be inspired.  You can drop-in to this class but in order to sustain your journey, we recommend that you commit to this practice for yourself every week. This is a great way to reflect on the previous week and empower your week ahead. To deepen your practice we invite you to take the class at 4:15, as the two classes support one another. Please bring a journal & yoga mat, if you do not have one, we will supply materials.Reserve your spot online in advance. We will meet every Sunday at 5:30pm, beginning Sunday Februay 9th.  

Held at Kaulika Yoga & Pilates57 Mill St N. Unit 301 Brampton, ON

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Leading with Mindfulness

All ready to facilitate a session to corporate leaders at the beautiful and historic site,  Alderlea.

Giving Mindfulness to Milton

Bring mindfulness to yourself, your family and your relationships

Join us Tuesday mornings for engaging discussions, guided meditations and practical ideas about brining mindfulness to yourself, your family and your relationships.

Begins in October from 9am – 10am on the first Tuesday of every month.

Held at Bronte Family Orthodontics, 420 Bronte St.S, Unit #113, Milton.

Open to patients, their families, dental offices, teachers,parents, neighbouring offices and anyone in Milton.

This is a free workshop, please reserve your space by registering here.


Experiential Lab: Active Listening

The art of listening and sharing mindfully

Held at City of Brampton 

Truth to Power

How to experience power from living in our truth

Held at City of Brampton

Becoming Fearless

How to conquer fear with the power of courage

Held at City of Brampton  

Writing Workshop: Master the Page

Workshop Facilitator Daniele D’Onorio is a writer, educator, music producer and performer of poetry, songs, plays, and prose. He has been facilitating writing and music based workshops for over 10 years and loves to share knowledge and experiences with those searching for their creative outlets.

In this 2-part series, participants will learn strategies that free them from waiting for inspiration to strike. The exercises and activities shared will help them discover and empower their unique written voice and be able to write anywhere and anytime. *Journal or notebook are required.

Open to Youth ages 10-14.

Wednesday, July 31st and August 7th, 2019 10am-12pm.

Held at 38 Blackwell Place, Brampton

Cost of $160* (includes both sessions and please review required materials).

Click here to register or request more info.

Recording/Production Workshop: Backyard Beats, Introduction to Music Recording and Production

Ever find yourself listening to music and asking, “How did they put all these instruments together? How do they make the drums sound like that?” If you’ve been thinking about the art of recording or beat making, this workshop is for you. Participants will learn the fundamental recording and production basics that go into the making of every hit song. *An
iPad or MacBook with Garage Band or other music recording software (please make sure your device or laptop is fully charged), headphones are required and a MIDI keyboard or drum controller are recommended but optional.

Open to Youth ages 12-16

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 10am-12pm

Held at 38 Blackwell Place, Brampton

Cost of $90* (pleas review required and recommended materials)

Click here to register or request more info.

Experiential Lab: Active Listening

In this highly experiential session, learn the power of active listening to transform your relationships and connections.

In today’s fast-paced world with multiple competing messages, we have forgotten the power and importance of truly listening and connecting. Regardless of our function or roles and responsibilities, active listening skills enable us to improve our relationships, build trust and understanding, and promote an environment where people feel heard. In addition, explore the practice of active sharing as a way to communicate what matters most. This practice empowers yourself and others to speak from a place of authenticity, trust and respect.

Closed workshop for the City of Brampton happening in June, July and August 2019

Held at City Hall.

Exploring Mindfulness

Explore mindfulness practices that will help you let go of old stories, reflection feelings, choose your thoughts, create peace, release negativity, sustain positivity, forgive the self, connect to inner truth, practice inner silence, deepen faith, empower virtues, cultivate kindness, radiate love and be more present.

A 3-part series on finding your peace, health and happiness with the power of meditation.

Wednesday, June 6, 13 and 27 at 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm

Held at Kaulika Yoga Studio, Brampton

Click here to register or request more info.

Invitation to Dance, Play and Give Happiness

Listening to your inner voice, the music of your heart.

In order to connect with others, we need to continually practise self-reflection and self-transformation. For me, my inner dance is remaining content at every step. When I am stable in my peace, then I can easily cooperate, tolerate, and forgive others, that is, to dance all day long. I watch my feelings so I do not bump into anyone, act too quickly or wait too long. Everything is about timing and listening to your inner voice, the music of your heart.

Please register through our Contact page.

Journey to Peace

Join us for a 4-part series on finding and sustaining your peace through guided meditations, reflection, journaling, and practical ways to create pockets of peaceful moments throughout your day

Open to Patients and friends of Align Osteopath

Held at Align Osteopath, Bolton, ON

What is True Mindfulness?

Cultivating a Mindful practise through the art of meditation

Staff meetings for Peel District School Board Elementary educators

Held at Marvin Heights Public School, Morton Way Public School, Birchbank Public School, Morning Star Public School and Lincoln Alexander High School


True freedom is being free from waste and negative thoughts patterns

Staff meeting for Peel District School Board Elementary educators

Held at Marvin Heights Public School

Are You Living Your Values?

Exploring mindfulness through Peel Board top 5 values

Staff meeting for Peel District School Board Elementary educators

Held at Birchbank Public School

Mindfulness Room

How to set up and use a mindfulness space in your middle school

Meeting with Administration, Guidance, and key members of the Peel District School Board

Held at Darcel Public School


How would you describe your level of happiness? 10 is that you are happy, content, satisfied all the time no matter what happens or does not happen outside of yourself

Staff meeting for Peel District School Board Elementary educators

Held at Marvin Heights Public School and Morton Way Public School

Diving into Mindfulness

A half-day workshop to explore true mindfulness and practical ways to practice mindfulness at home and work

Open to Office Managers of Peel District School Board

Held at the Peel District School Board

Celebrate True Love

How to express love with the power of seeing your virtues and seeing the virtues in others

Meeting for Peel District School Board Elementary school teachers

Held at Marvin Heights Public School

Exploring Mindfulness

A 6-part series exploring our thoughts and feelings and how they related to our words and actions, mindfulness in the classroom, creating a peaceful home, transforming relationships and mindful eating

Meeting for Peel District School Board Elementary school teachers

Held at Marvin Heights Public School

What If I Told You That You Are Great?

The impact of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions when we adopt a positive attitude and are determined to live in our full capacity

Open to Educators of the Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board

Held at the Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board

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