Want to Play Outside

I want to play outside

in the woods, on the beach, in the ocean

in the water, under the trees, with the sand.

Can’t stop imagining it.

Want to camp outside,

light a fire ,

morning meditations on the beach.

Play in the waves,

feel the sand between my toes,

the heat from the sun.

To feel

lightness, laughter, freedom.

Will I be able to do this one day?

Will I be free to see the world and embrace new experiences?

Make the most of today,

from this moment,

from this breath.

This is all we have,

this feeling,

this thought,

the present.

I the soul am light.

I the soul am free.

I stay in pure feelings and

create new experiences,

new aspects of me.

My inner beauty,

my divinity,

my connection to the truth,

my subtle thread being pulled by purity.

Letting go of memories from yesterday,

letting go of hoping for tomorrow,

choosing to be here fully



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