A Spiritual Love

Lately I have been interested in exploring spiritual love. A love that does not want from anyone or desire anything. A love that gives from the fullness of your heart. A love that bestows tirelessly. A love that forgives and holds no sorrow. A love that flows and is not owned. It is a love that gives respect.

It flourishes without ego. A love that is constant. One that is unconditional. It knows no boundaries. It celebrates without limits. It is abundant and radiates beauty.

It is filled with patience and appreciation. A love that is pure. A love that makes me feel joy, like my spirit is dancing. It connects me to divine energy. It touches my inner true self, the soul. An eternal bond between me and all souls. It sustains me. I feel whole. Complete.

It is this kind of love that is my true nature. I am love. I no longer search for love, rather I the soul am a being of spiritual love.

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