The New “Norm“

Many people are talking or writing about the new norm. It took them a few days to settle into the “new norm”. At first they were resistant to change and were upset at not being able to go to work or that their kids were at home. The routine had changed and they were all required to adapt, suddenly.

After a few days they enjoyed not rushing around in the morning. They could enjoy their cup of coffee. Parents could witness their children getting up and cuddle with them instead of rushing them off to school. Adults found themselves eating breakfast, which was out of the ordinary. Families sat together for a warm meal planning what they wanted to do that day. 

People were breathing, stopping and appreciating.  Some were enjoying this time of retreating as a much needed break from the everyday stresses. They were easing into a more relaxed and enjoyable day. “I could get used to this!” was the resounding feeling. 

My question to all of you is: who sets the norm? Who determines how much stress we should feel? Who decides how much time we should allot for peaceful moments or time to play and laugh? 

We have given this right away to others; to our partners, kids and employers. Did we really need COVID to push reset on how we live?

Use this time as an opportunity to discover who you are. Find your highest self through meditation, reflection, introspection and silence. Chart out your day, week, year according to what resonates with your true self. In your highest self-respect, fight for your peace and happiness. 

Make it practical

Write out who you are are? Describe your virtues, values, talents, specialities. Then make another list of who you wish to be? What is the best version of you? Now close this gap. Be passionate about discovering who you are and what you can become.

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