Finding My Inner Space

We have been asked to stay apart from friends, colleagues and even family. Many have found this challenging. Take a minute and journal what you experienced. Was there frustration, feelings of loneliness or did you enjoy some time to yourself?

Some chose to handle this situation by connecting to others online whereas others felt pulled to connect to their inner self. 

In order to take this opportunity as a gift, we have to see what we learned from it, i.e. what did this situation show us.  If we missed others, what were we really missing? What it the chance to be heard or to be touched? Did you feel that you needed to be working to feel defined? If you enjoyed this much needed silence, then how can you continue to carve this time out when the restrictions are lifted off?

Also, was it challenging to be around those in your home for many hours and many days continuously? Could you find your personal space while being confined with others? Did you actually enjoy spending quality time with your family and are planning on sustaining this?

To grow from COVID we need to ask ourselves some questions, be introverted and honest. We need to see what we “take” from social gatherings, working, going out, or even going to school. 

A very deep question that you make reflect on with courage and humility is, “Am I stable and content in my own energy or do I need reinforcement, validation, stimulation or energy from others?”

Personally, I have been working on this for many years, even before starting my journey towards mindfulness. I noticed how much I needed another to validate my day and hear what was in my heart. I took a great deal of sorrow daily when I felt dismissed or insignificant. It took me years of finding my self-respect and learning to love myself to become more stable and content. I could see how I was giving away my power, peaceand happiness to others. I am learning to create a powerful mind, filled with joy and lightness and hold onto this, whether it is shared with others or valued by others. I now appreciate an inner silence and find pockets of my day to carve out physical distance from others. 

Many corporations are planning to bring employees back to the workplace and children back to schools and will enforce physical distancing. Can we remain physically distant while being close to one another in our hearts, feelings and thoughts?  We are spiritual beings who are not limited by physical space. Live in the truth of who you are:

I am a being of light. Stable in my energy. I spread rays of light, peace and love wherever I go

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