Taking Time In

Traditionally parents and teachers have used “time outs” as a method to control behaviour. If anyone ever has had a time out enforced on them, ask yourself how you felt. Safe and nurtured? Appreciative for time to go inside and reflect? I doubt it.

What if you were invited to take a few minutes and hang out in your peace fort? What if you had a few guided meditation CDs, some empowering books or a journal to scribble down your thoughts? What if you took a “time in”?

A time in to reflect, be silent, listen to your thoughts, see what you are feeling, and choose to maybe get out of your negative space. What if we encouraged time ins before meltdowns and tantrums? What if we all took time ins throughout the day? This is a mindfulness practice that requires both love and self-respect. Try it and let me know how it goes…

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