Play Your Part

Moving from acceptance to appreciation

Just got back from a family trip from Mexico. It was significant since it was a time for me to play in the sand and heal spiritually. I wanted to share my experience with you. 

We are here to play our parts. We first have to discover what our part is and that is the journey. Searching, asking, experiencing, transforming and then realizing “Yes!” that is who I am meant to be. This journey can take years and for me, it has. In that time when I was unsure of my part, I fell into wanting, desiring, forcing the ones I claimed to love to follow what I was doing. I needed them to believe what I believed. It wasn’t respectful. In me letting go of expectations, I was met with my own resistance. I was disappointed and angry. I judged and yelled. I wanted to play my part with them. I failed to recognize that love is allowing others to play their parts and that I could not write their script for them. Only when my faith increased about who I was and why I was here, could I begin to accept them. Slowly something beautiful transpired, I began moving from acceptance to appreciation. These days I am starting to see their unique journeys. It does not have to be like my journey or like my day. They need freedom to choose just like I wish for freedom to choose. Regaining my self-respect was ultimately a display of true love for myself and to them. The enthusiasm I have to play my part invites them to find their part.

Take some time out and reflect on the part you have played, are playing now and what part you wish to play.

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