Dissolving Past Versions

This is an experience I had in meditation this morning. I thought to share it with you.

I am being pulled out of this old role I am playing. There is a gentle hand guiding me. I feel that I am stuck in a few places. It is like a glue that needs to be removed. It is old patterns and habits. It is an old vison of myself. Now two hands are holding me in place. I feel secure. There is no need to look back. I am in a new space. Instead of being defined by others and my past, I am now allowing myself to be open to new possibilities. I feel unlimited. Uninhibited.

I take this feeling and hold onto as long as I can. Stepping into a new “me” takes patience and determination and faith. Then I reflect, I need to give others space to come into themselves. I need patience and good wishes to allow another to undergo a journey of self-transformation. It may not be big changes; however, it is the small efforts I need to appreciate in myself and others.

I have been working on seeing where I am still holding onto an old version of myself. I have been asking myself some deep questions in meditation: I am just defining myself as a mother or wife? Where am I hiding in a role and not allowing myself to explore or be creative? If I want newness, I have to let go of something old. If I want to fly, I have let go of an egotistically construct that “I” have to do such and such. 

Take some time and deeply ask yourself what you are willing to let go to let something new emerge….would love to hear about it.

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