Traffic Jam or Traffic Control?

When your thoughts seem like they are not in your control or your mind is jumping to the past and then worrying about the future, it is like a traffic jam. You may need your mind to focus on something, however it is stuck. Your mind should be peaceful and calm. You should be able to control where your mind is going and for how long.  

In order for us to go from chaos to calm, there is an easy method. I learnt this from the Brampton Meditation Centre. It is called “traffic control”. Every hour or a few times a day, stop what you are doing and observe the traffic in your mind. Take a deep breathe. Don’t worry, the sky won’t fall down! Just watch what you are feeling and what thoughts you have been allowing to enter your mind.

If your heart is filled with love and your thoughts filled with peace, then keep on doing whatever it is you are doing! However, if you find yourself annoyed, hurt, sad or worried, then take this time out to stop and reflect. It does not have to be long. Identify what you are feeling, acknowledge it and give it the attention it needs. Maybe you need to let go of it, talk with someone about it or practice forgiveness. 

You can set up alarms on your phones to help remind you 

to take a brake at the stop sign, 

look inside before accelerating.

Mindfulness takes time. Be patient. The more you practice, the easier it gets, the smoother your ride will be.

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