Pushing Away Pain


Many of us push away pain. We deny it. We ignore it. We suppress it. We distract ourselves from feeling it so we don’t have to deal with it. And you can continue doing this however as most of you have experienced, that the pain does not go away. Actually the pain increases. We are then forced to create cleverer ways to distract ourselves or we can take courage to face our pain.

Our pain, both physical and emotional, can teach us tremendously. We need to adopt an attitude of acceptance and humility.

What can I learn from this? 

What is this lesson here to teach me? 

Only then can we see the benefit and grow from this experience. We can even be grateful for this experience. 

Our pain no longer has control over us. We are free.

Self-reflection can lead to self-transformation which can ultimately lead to self-empowerment. To learn more about this journey, visit Brampton Meditation Centre

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