Is Tech Really to Blame?

What is happening that our kids are constantly on devices or negotiating more time on their device? What culture are we living in that all members are home yet not connected? That all family members are all in one room, however all looking into a screen?

What as parents are we modelling? How much do we value eye contact, face to face discussions with our children or others? Check how much you are on social media? How much enthusiasm do you have to play a board game, read a book together or bake cupcakes? What is the first thing you look at when you get up or the last thing you do before you sleep? Are you interested in sharing your feelings with your children, your past, your mistakes, your successes, or your dreams?

Take a few minutes and reflect on the culture you are setting in your home or in your car. See what you are doing while waiting at the doctor’s office or at the airport? What happened to crosswords, hangman, I spy and broken telephone? I still play these games. They never get old. 

Close your device and open your eyes to something new. Stop blaming the kids. Stop being mad at technology. Instead, be creative. Create enthusiasm. Be courageous.

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