Mapping the New Year


For many years the holiday time is busy with all householders more at home and each following their own unique schedule. They wish to take it easy while I have a whole list of projects that I have reserved for this time.

This year however was different. Everyone was home all the time. Usually, the boys spend time with friends and grandparents and are out and in all day. This holiday season they were in, a lot. I of course look forward to Monday morning when they go back to school. The quiet, the cup of tea, no “mommy where is my….”.

So today is Monday morning and they are still here! I get the situation however I miss the sweet silence. What to do?

I have been reflecting and mind mapping. I give energy to virtues I need to strengthen. I meditate on these, going deep into the feelings of each one. As I attend meditation class daily and sustain myself through spiritual reading, I continue to add to my mind map. I am creating a visual and making connections and seeing patterns. Whatever happens in this house, in the world, I will remain in my virtues, remembering my aim. 

I am including a mind map that I have been working on for weeks. I look at it regularly to remind me that I have the map inside to my own peace and happiness. I have the power to create my own experiences. I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Mind Mapping
I have the power to create my own experiences.

Happiest of New Year to each one of you souls.

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