Remember Who You Are

For Christmas this year we celebrated virtually with the Brampton Meditation Centre with the theme Remember Who You Are. It is so simple, yet powerful, to just remember your innate self. To go back to the seed, the essence of your soul.

Everyday I am recalling, reflecting, diving deeper to rediscover. I am opening myself to my true self. This process has touched me deeply and I wanted to share what I am remembering. Take courage to ask yourself and be amazed at what you hear.

I chose to draw a flower filling each petal with my special virtues.

I am a powerful being.

One that is unconditionally loving, and filled with joy.

I remain in silence and can therefore be forgiving and give happiness.

I am a pure soul and full of sweetness.

My original nature is to be fearless so that I easily remain light and playful.

I remember that I am a beautiful soul.

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