Time to Play


I went to Mexico with my two boys a few years ago and we had so much fun. We played with the waves in the water. We played beach soccer in the hot sand. We played frisbee in the pool. We played cards while drying off. And in the evening I read aloud to them…even at 10 and 12 years of age they thoroughly enjoyed this. We had long meals with conversations, some that were deep and meaningful and also some that were silly and light. Out of everything that was shared, I took one comment to heart, “Mommy, you are so fun!”

When we arrived home they wanted to continue having fun and asked for playtime repeatedly. How was I to encourage this lightness and also take part in it when there was so much to do? They kept reminding of the memories that they wanted to cherish so deeply. 

At dinner one night we decided that Mommy can be fun even when she is not on vacation. If we all do our part, take responsibility and cooperate together, we can still have Mexico Mommy here! 

It has taken time and patience to teach, role model, delegate, correct, redirect and forgive, however it has all been worth it.  We get dinner, homework and chores done together and regularly carve out time to listen, laugh and play. 

Even though we are not on the beach, we play cards in front of our wood fireplace or take long bike rides and stop by the creek and have a snack. 

See what you can let go of doing and explore with your inner child. Let yourself and your children see how playful and free you really are. Enjoy!

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