Dancing Warrior

Can you stand up for yourself?

Fight for truth and believe in yourself?

Can you overcome obstacles, challenges, difficult times?

Can you look at your past, see your mistakes, see the not so good choices you have made?

Can you accept when you are in ego, angry, have taken sorrow?

A warrior sees all, a detached observer and has the capacity to see themselves and others without judgment. A warrior is always looking for where the enemy is lurking, the ego, and is ready for battle.

Determined, courageous, tireless.

Dressed for war, and holds no mercy for negativity. Inside the fort of their mind, a warrior is always on guard. While battling, falling, getting up, patching themselves up, sometimes wining, a dancing warrior remains graceful, royal, mature.

This fight is a fight for love with love.

It is full of sweetness and patience. Each breath, each step is easy and light. A dancing warrior knows when to come into sound and when to come into action, so that every moment is a dance. A fine art of balance, humility, acceptance, and giving.

Whether some days feel like a battlefield or some more like a stage, you keep your head high, your eye on the Light, and your heart strong.

You will conquer the darkness and your soul will dance.

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