Self-Respect and Courage

Something so amazing happened today. My faith reaffirmed. A powerful message reconfirming who I thought I was all along. I am sitting in my self-respect. Knowing who I am, where I am and what I am here to do.

One of the many roles I am to play in this life is to share my journey with all of you, my brothers and sisters, in this divine world. I have been reflecting for months on “what if” and am now throwing out doubt and fear. As of today I will take courage to speak truth. There cannot be any fear when I live in my self-respect, fully aware of who I am. This is the first step to true mindfulness. Step onto a journey of discovering who you are. Explore with faith, courage and inner silence.

Take a few minutes today and reflect on who you are, the essence of who you are, your spirit, your soul. Ask yourself, “Who I am?” and see what comes up. Do not judge or push it away, rather watch your mind like a detached observer. Keep on asking yourself and every time go deeper into the layers of you…your innate self. 

I recently asked this question to a group of children and teens at the Brampton Meditation Centre. I walked them through a guided meditation and then opened the circle for sharing and discussion. It was a beautiful scene to experience them listening, reflecting, and then adding value to the discussion. This is a mindfulness activity that can be practiced at home, in a classroom, or a team meeting.

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