Looking Ahead

A New Year, a Fresh Start, a New Begining

In order to make a powerful resolution for 2020, we need to engage in a mindfulness practice called inner reflection.

Inner reflection takes honesty, detachment and courage. With these three virtues active, look at what you wish to continue doing. What thoughts or actions brought you peace and happiness that you wish to sustain? 

For me carving out time daily for some spiritually uplifting reading kept me in check. I was able to keep life in perspective by keeping small things small and making even big things small. In this way, I felt that I could conquer anything! 

It is important for you to reflect on what is working and appreciate your efforts in cooperating in this. Value what is good and positive.

In the upcoming mindfulness reflections, we will continue this journey by looking at two other energies: creating and letting go. 

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