No one is Listening to Me!

“No one is listening to ME!”

That was me screaming this out to the universe for the last few years. I am saying all the right things but why were they not following?

I went to a mindfulness workshop that introduced Active Listening. I went through the motions not thinking I would learn anything. After taking part in the activity, I was shocked at how much I was not listening. I was not taking time to listen to others, value their feelings and consider another point of view. With humility and enthusiasm, I started putting this active listening into practice and saw the fruit of it. There was a greater feeling of appreciation and respect for others that emerged in me and a higher level of cooperationfrom others.

This method takes time, patience, self-respect and love, which is what this soul needed to practice. It is an effective tool for compassionate communication with family, friends, and colleagues. I have facilitated many active listening workshops with parents, educators and leaders and it was consistently well received.


I the soul takes time to listen to myself. I ask myself how am I feeling? Where is my mind? What thoughts are running through my mind? Can I let go, forgive, move forward? Am I holding onto anything that would colour my interactions with anyone today? Can I be open, non-judgemental, appreciative of another soul’s presence and contribution? The more I tune into myself, the more I can listen to the hearts of others.

If you would like to learn more about this technique or would like me to come in and facilitate a workshop, please reach out… I am listening!

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