Carving Out Time For Peace

Many of us take a few moments of reflection during holidays, however, these times may be only a few times a year. True and effective mindfulness is a daily practice of reflective checking and gently guiding our thoughts and feelings back to a sacred place of peace. This place is your own. This place resides in each one of you.

Creating Time Through Mindfulness ▶️

Mindfulness is so beautiful, it actually gives you time. Carving out a few moments, helps you to recharge, focus and concentrate, giving you the time to do all the things you want to do.

The Journey of Mindfulness ▶️

Mindfulness is a journey that starts off at the beginning of my day, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Through meditation and reflection I awaken my virtues and choose to sustain them throughout my day.

Explore Inner Silence

Time to reconnect ourselves with our true nature. We as human beings are marvellous because we have the ability to create thought. We create one thought and are mind follows it. We create another thought and our mind jumps to that one. We create a thought from our past and then our mind dwells there regurgitating sorrow and pain. Then the…

My Journey

True mindfulness…is a dance that is performed with love, trust, honesty, integrity, determination, courage, faith and deep peace. I am striving to create and sustain positive thoughts every day, at every moment. I have created pockets in my day to sustain my sacred peace place inside and I go there to catch my breath and regain…