I am Unique

Wanted to share this mornings meditation experience with you… I the soul am unique I am celebrating my uniqueness There is no one like me I am intoxicated My attitude of being extraordinary is my protection My thoughts are elevated and positive My feelings are full of benevolence I allow divine energy to surround me…

Creating Space

Give energy to creating a physically serene place Most of us think of creating a space as something physical. And we do need to give energy to creating a physically serene place in our home. We have dedicated one room in our house for meditation, reflection, and elevated reading. I have listened to music there…

Jumping Out of a Plane

I went skydiving a few years back in Whistler, Vancouver. I relied heavily on my virtue of courage, though I was scared. As exciting as that experience was, it was short-lived. True courage is choosing who I am at every moment and empowering myself to remain in this awareness no matter what. Even if others…

You have the power to build your spiritual immunity!

Loving greetings to you Many of you sent me off on this 3-week meditation retreat with good wishes and I wanted to let you know that I am healthy and happy. I am on top of a mountain studying in Rajasthan, India. In light of what is happening in the world today this practice is…

No one is Listening to Me!

“No one is listening to ME!” That was me screaming this out to the universe for the last few years. I am saying all the right things but why were they not following? I went to a mindfulness workshop that introduced Active Listening. I went through the motions not thinking I would learn anything. After taking part…

Self-Respect and Courage

There cannot be any fear when I live in my self-respect, fully aware of who I am. This is the first step to true mindfulness.

Looking Ahead

Inner reflection takes honesty, detachment and courage. With these three virtues active, look at what you wish to continue doing. It is important to reflect on what is working and appreciate your efforts in cooperating in this. Value what is good and positive.

Time to Play

How was I to encourage this lightness and also take part in it when there was so much to do. It has taken time and patience to teach, role model, delegate, correct, redirect and forgive, however we regularly carve out time to listen, laugh and play.
See what you can let go of doing and explore with your inner child. Let yourself and your children see how playful and free you really are.

Dissolving Past Versions

This is an experience I had in meditation this morning. I thought to share it with you. I am being pulled out of this old role I am playing. There is a gentle hand guiding me. I feel that I am stuck in a few places. It is like a glue that needs to be…

Taking Time In

Traditionally parents and teachers have used “time outs” as a method to control behaviour. What if you took a “time in”? A time in to reflect, be silent, listen to your thoughts, see what you are feeling, and choose to maybe get out of your negative space.