Freedom in My Hands

Lack of cooperation. Fighting. Arguing. I’m frustrated. Keep on losing my energy. This is not who I want to be.

Everyone telling me what I’m not doing right. I justify. I explain. I’m tired.

Finally, one day I listen. What if they are right? My way is not working. Can I let go?

Feel the resistance. I’m hurt. My way. Control. Can see I’m attached to this way. Really attached. It’s hurting others. It’s hurting me.

I start letting go. My mind racing. Feeling unsettled. Breathe. What if I reflect on faith and love? Have faith in others.

Love means to give respect. To listen. To support another’s journey. All I want is freedom so can I give this to others? Can I let go of controlling them, wanting them to be somebody they are not choosing to be?

Practice silence. More watching. Not reacting. I give more space for them to breathe, to choose.

There is more space for me to grow. I lost part of myself in thinking they needed me this way. I’m finding more of my specialities. Discovering greater virtues. Carving out more time for me. Feeling free.

I realized I was scared to let go. In letting go I’m allowing myself time to feel more deeply and allowing others to define themselves, independent of me. Whoa. I have been searching, desperately demanding freedom from others and the whole time it was in my hands.

Freedom in my hands.

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