Ready, Set, Wait…Check Your Heart and Then Go!

We are so conditioned to act, to do, to fix, without pausing to check if our heart is onboard. Often the head knows it is the right thing to do however the heart is 10 steps back. We need to recognize when there is this divide and that we need to bring both sides of ourselves into harmony.

If we act too soon, we are impulsive, we use too much force, exercise too much control. Sometimes we withdraw, detach from a situation out of fear. What if we do not act? We are left paralyzed, stagnant, and there is no flow in our energy. Either way, there is sorrow and this pain gets held in the body. So take the time and strength to hear what the heart is saying,what is it feeling? Is there an opportunity to practice forgiveness? Is there a desire, expectation, vision that we need to let go of and accept?

For me it took months of conversations with God, being honest with myself, journaling, taking time for silence, reiki, osteopathy and sharing my heart with trusted friends. In this space I was able to work through the layers of a dream I was holding onto for others. I had put the last 20 years of my life, my time, my energy, my resources, and my heart to create this dream. I had to let go of controlling the lives of others and to find my own life.

I am learning to accept, really accept. I am seeing the good that is there and not what Iwant to see. I am appreciating virtues in others….even if it is only present for a short window.

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