You have the power to build your spiritual immunity!

Loving greetings to you
Many of you sent me off on this 3-week meditation retreat with good wishes and I wanted to let you know that I am healthy and happy. I am on top of a mountain studying in Rajasthan, India.

In light of what is happening in the world today this practice is more essential than ever. We can see this as an opportunity to take a much needed spiritual retreat. Often when we ignore or miss signs to be introverted, the universe or the drama forces us to slow down and go inside. We can take these moments as a beautiful invitation to explore the power of meditation.
You can find a quiet space and sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths to release any tension. Invite yourself to step inside and connect to your true self. Gently guide your mind with the following statements and allow yourself to feel positive feelings and activate your virtues,

The meditation I have been practicing is called Raja-yoga meditation where the aim is to go inwards and connect to your spirit, your soul, your truth.

“I am a being of light. I, the soul, am peace. I am peace. Peace is who I am. When I connect to my peace I feel calm and can slow down my thoughts.”

Practice this a few times a day with some gentle instrumental music. When you slow down your thoughts, you can can take stock of what thoughts you have been creating and sustaining. You can observe how you are feeling.When you find you are stable and rooted in peace, ask yourself, “Am I feeling worried or upset? What kind of thoughts have been racing through my mind? Is my mind jumpy or panicky? Do I find myself restless or making impulsive decisions?”
It’s helpful to write down the answers to these questions in a journal and start seeing patterns. Are your fears based on the past or untruths? Are you being affected by the negative energy or waste conversations around you?

You have the power to build your spiritual immunity! What is spreading faster than the virus is fear!

One negative thought leads to another and another. You have the power to choose to remain stable in your peace no matter what. When we entertain fear, we are actually lowering our immune system. Allow positive thoughts and feelings to guide you. Speak and act from your foundation of peace. Strengthen your mind and body.
This is a wonderful time to move the body gently or put some music on and dance. Both can be done with children as well. There are some suggestions for families on Mindful Homes on my website. Perhaps it’s a time for a spring cleaning to declutter closets and drawers. Your mind and your physical environment appreciate removing anything that connects you to old patterns or waste thoughts. You can create a home that cultivates peace and makes space for newness.
Instead of losing yourself to movies and social media, carve out time for creativity, like baking or knitting. Check out emotional landscapes on the website as well. Maybe you take up reading again and opt for some inspirational material.
Many are tuning into the news constantly to hear the latest headline however ask yourself is this serving you? Is it bringing you closer to your higher self, celebrating peace or happiness?
One of the practices I am doing daily here is sending light to the world. I feel spiritually responsible for my brother souls. Instead of engaging in waste conversations, you can practice this meditation daily as well:

“I, the soul, am a living lighthouse. I am stable in my inner light. I send rays of light to every corner of the world. I send peaceful vibrations to all my brother souls.”

Hope this sheds some light on a dark time for some. Continue staying in the light. Take a look at some resources on the site suggested to support you on your journey. I have heard that the app calm is offering more free online meditations.
Feel free to reach out through what’s app or email for the time I am retreating. If you want to join me I am posting on Instagram @dancingwarrior.

If you would like to book a FaceTime meeting for yourself personally or for your family or corporation, please let me know. We can arrange a time when I return.
Sending light and love,

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