Carving Out Time For Peace


How busy we have become that we have to carve out time for peace! I am very mindful of taking time out of what I am doing for moments of reflection and inner silence. This allows me to connect to my inner peace, value it and reflect on how to cultivate this peace. 

Have my recent thoughts, words and actions been reflective of this peace? 

I check myself…

How am I feeling right now? Am I holding onto something that is taking my peace away? What can I do to re-establish the feeling of calmness, quietness, and clarity?

Many of us take a few moments of reflection during holidays, however, these times may be only a few times a year. True and effective mindfulness is a daily practice of reflective checking and gently guiding our thoughts and feelings back to a sacred place of peace. This place is your own. This place resides in each one of you. 

Take a few moments every day and say to yourself, “I am peace. I am peace. I am peace.” In between each phrase pause to activate feelings of peace. See how your body reacts. Watch what other thoughts emerge. Observe what other feelings arise. What is the visual you see in your mind? 

The more we connect to our sense of peace, the more we will become stable in it. Our foundation will become strong. No storm will shake you. 

I am peace

I am stable in my peace

Nothing or no one can take away my peace

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