Courage to be in Virtues

Feeling lost. Disconnected. A deep sadness. Feeling hopeless, I cry. So tired, yet I can’t sleep.

I get an invitation to connect to my virtues. My inner light.   I forgot about this light, my power.  

Slowly, I find courage. Courage to see myself in virtue and have faith in my true self.

Courage to let go of false patterns and negativity. Courage to let go of blaming, separating myself from help. 

I take courage to be honest.

Courage to meditate, to touch my light. I take courage to start loving myself.

As the anger dissolves, I tell myself to take courage, to be patient.

I take courage to hold the hand of trust and let others in to help.

There is hope for this soul. 

Every day, I continue to meditate on my virtues. Practice living in virtue. I fall. I get up.

Everyday standing taller than the day before. There are more smiles, even laughter.  

In silence, I can feel my beauty. Can this world be filled with beautiful souls, I ask?  

Let me be the best hero in my life and see what wonders can be performed!

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