My Journey

True mindfulness…is a dance that is performed with love, trust, honesty, integrity, determination, courage, faith and deep peace.


I am striving to create and sustain positive thoughts every day, at every moment. I have created pockets in my day to sustain my sacred peace place inside and I go there to catch my breath and regain my inner power. I fill my day with truths and inspiring messages to keep me enthusiastic and determined. I have created the opportunity to give every day of myself. Whether I share motivating words with someone or give time to serve with the Brampton Meditation Centre, it is a daily practice of unconditional giving. What is equally important is the practice of recognizing when I am slightly irritated, disappointed, or distracted and to hunt for the root cause of this. This mindfulness practice is crucial to stop the negative feelings in their infancy so they do not manifest into anger, blaming, making mistakes….all which gives me and others sorrow. I personally have gone from being clinically depressed to someone who now experiences true joy, happiness and love from realizing my full potential and appreciating how unique I am. I value my life, this body, my mind, my journey, my mistakes and my experiences.  

I have been on this beautiful journey of mindfulness for the last 9 years.  I am a trained and experienced elementary school teacher. I took some time off teaching to start an orthodontist practice with my partner and raised two children. My interactions with administrators, office staff, teachers, dentists, orthodontists, parents and children, has taught me that we have a great capacity to give. Our intention is to give love and happiness, however, we get caught in being conditional, living in the past, worrying about what others will say, and the most common disease of low self-esteem. The term mindfulness is loosely thrown around in our society today as a means to be present and to take a few deep breaths. This is a very superficial and immature attitude towards the art of mindfulness. True mindfulness is practiced with the first thought that we wake up with, with each feeling we choose, with each word we speak and how we execute every decision. It is a dance that is performed with love, trust, honesty, integrity, determination, courage, faith and deep peace. 

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