Explore Inner Silence

Time to reconnect ourselves with our true nature.

We as human beings are marvellous because we have the ability to create thought. We create one thought and are mind follows it. We create another thought and our mind jumps to that one. We create a thought from our past and then our mind dwells there regurgitating sorrow and pain. Then the mind takes us to the future where it is laden with fear and doubt. Before we even come through the front door of our workplace, we have travelled to many emotions in our mind, most of them negative and draining. We wake up tired, come to work tired, look to others to fill our holes, look for some temporary happiness and leave work exhausted. We come home to others experiencing much the same and fall into a pattern of “doing” without feeling. 

We have separated our feelings from the words we speak to the actions we perform. We are able to ask someone how they are feeling, without actually knowing how we are feeling. We are able to perform all our given tasks in one day, without connecting to feelings of peace, happiness, cooperation or respect. 

It is because this disconnect that we struggle to make others happy, to listen to what they are really saying, to generate creative solutions and to harmonize with colleagues. Our thoughts are creating our reality. One negative thought invites another one and brings us down a road of self-doubt, diminishing oneself, projection onto others, or harsh judgement of others. These thoughts leave us feeling sad, frustrated, angry, and the body is left to experience exhaustion, chronic pain or depression. On the other hand, one positive thought nurtures hope, solutions, openness and in turn, the body happily cooperates with what the mind wishes to do.  

Let’s take some time to reconnect ourselves with our true nature. A nature that is kind and giving. Let’s work together on inspiring others to create a peaceful space inside, their own retreat place. Let us reintroduce our core values and how to seamlessly bring them into our day.